Match Report

Match Report - 13 Nov 2010, North Kildare Hockey Club Women's 4ths beat Botanic 6

It started off with a tough, even game with NK taking tip off and Botanics intercepting our play, but we held ourselves steady and gained possesesion. Some great passes between Megan, Cora, Ali and Siobhan proved it difficult for the opposition to handle but their centre back cleared the pressure quickly with strong hits. NK maintained a committed back line as Botanics created pressure in our D, but our defence all handled the ball with continued calm. Shortly after that first starting whistle - the whistle that signalled the start of the league in our second season, our defining season - we were given a short corner. Naomi (S-H) pushed it out to Siobhan and with a defined stroke you heard the crack of the back board - the first league goal of the season. After that the presure was on to keep our position and not loose momentum. Just before the half time whistle, a long corner was called and some strong play between the forwards and mids placed a free just at the dotted circle. NSH took it quick and went straight to the top of the D taking a shot at goal, a deflection from the opostion landed it in the right corner.
Fifteen minutes after half time Botanics holding possesion strongly were 2 goals stronger and the the teams were tied. The pressure was on and the tention was high. NK recomposed themselves and began to focus on the offence, landing some lovely play across the pitch from Siobhan to Megan and into space to Ali. We maintained a strong attack and came up to receive any hits to clear by their defence. A tough few minutes prevailed raising the tention when a short corner was given. They new our play by now so a change in tactics were needed, at the last second NSH decided to push out to Ali who received it on the left and went straight for goal, a blink of an eye and NK were in the lead again - Ali smashed the ball into the bottom right corner. An intense last few minutes to the game saw Botanics quicken their game and make some plays at goal without success. The forwards came back to defend in our 25 and the sea of reds meant nobody was getting through.

A well deserved Home win for NK 4ths showing high commitment to the ball and setting a standard to which we all hope will be seen throughout the season.


North Kildare Hockey Club Women's 4ths 3 - 2 Botanic 6