Match Report

Match Report - 28 Nov 2009, North Kildare Hockey Club Women's 4ths drew with Dalkey 3

North Kildare triumphed over their previous losses, coming together as a united team against their opposition on Saturday.

You could see Barra's coaching and Naomi's theory sessions kicking into play as the 4ths stood strong - getting into the press formation at every hit out and using the wings a lot more than in previous matches. The passing had improved immensely which helped us keep possession up in their half a lot more of the time. The first half of the match ended with Naomi hopping on one leg and a short corner just before the whistle. But Dalkey didn't have a chance against our backs and Rikki in goal, so at half time we were left with no goals on either side of the pitch. The 4 mids formation seemed to be working well for the 4ths, suggested by Judith.

We went into the second half with our heads held high and the pressure on to keep the score as it was. Determination fired up the team and we held possession and carried it up the field with some great running from Ali. A few chances in the circle ensued, but Aine and Ali's efforts at goal didn't quite make the connection with the back board. Some close calls in the backs with Dalkey coming back strong and a change in their forwards brought a fresh strong hit to their team. Another limping Naomi made another short corner against us but North Kildare kept up their standard and didn't let anything by. Megan coming out to the Dalkey players every time put pressure on them and slowed them down for NK to retrieve their positions and get back to defend. The 'Spiral' effect was working brilliantly. And you could see the opposition didn't react well under pressure.

All in all the game ended with Dalkey taking 60% possession in the whole game but not being able do anything with the ball. This was by far North Kildare 4th's best game they have played yet, and I hope there is more games like this to come.

Note: The list of names below are incorrect... Only the first 11 were playing.


Dalkey 3 0 - 0 North Kildare Hockey Club Women's 4ths