Club Clothing

Junior Kit


Gumshields and shin guards are compulsory for all junior club members. No Jewellery to be worn.
It is the parents' and players' responsibility to ensure that gumshields and shinguards are worn and no jewellery.
Coaches have been asked to enforce a "NO GUMSHIELD, NO PLAY" rule if they notice a player without a gumshield. This applies to training and to matches.
Players involved in defensive short corners are strongly advised to wear face masks.

Hockey Stick
Junior players are advised to have their own stick. In some cases we can lend new junior players a stick during their first few training sessions. As a rule of thumb, the stick should reach the childs belly button when stood on the ground. Sticks can be purchased from a wide range of outlets. We recommend a trip to the club shop run by Gilmour sports. Here you can get expert advice on the best stick for your child. A junior stick does not need to be an expensive purchase but it is important that your child has a stick to suit their height and in some cases their playing style.

The club colours are red/white and royal blue,a selection of crested polo shirts, shorts, skorts, socks and hoodies are available.
Players are asked to wear red tops, royal blue shorts, and red socks for club blitz events and matches.
To purchase club clothing, visit the club shop website (link on the homepage)

Astro Runners
Astro pitches may be sand or water based and as a result we recommend astro runners to prevent slipping. Again these can be purchased from a wide range of suppliers but we would recommend a trip to the club shop run by Gilmour sports.

Why not speak to one of the junior coaches if you have any questions about your childs kit.