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Full Steam ahead!

On Saturday the 3rds Ladies beat Hermes 3-0 on the new pitch, off to a very successful start (well done girls).

It was fantastic!

The pitch played very well, and once the sun went down, the lights took over and the game was on as if in daylight!

We’ll be monitoring the pitch performance and any comments on the surface or surroundings are welcome (revert to Fergal).

Lots of hockey games on this weekend and the pitch will be rented with a good income stream to the club from this week on.

BBQ on Saturday, all day!!! Hail, rain or snow!

Ensure your footwear is suitable to the surface and try not drag muck on to the pitch, keep it clean, reduce the maintenance and ongoing costs.

If you see someone with the incorrect footwear, be sure to point it out to them.

NO SPIKES, NO STUDS ………. If you see anyone with these on refer to the pitch supervisor (Brendan or Henry) they need to be removed from the pitch.

Make sure you have the correct footwear! Make sure you clean your feet before entering the pitch enclosure, keep the pitch clean

Game on!

We’re back at home!

Training was held on our new pitch last night and all went well.

The pitch is not quite finished, but very close. We still need to fit sand on it as we play more and more on it.

Believe it or not play and rain is all we need, bit of a change!

There are still lots of items on the build schedule, fixing of the kicker board, cut the carpet fully, fit fencing items etc.

You will find it a bit bouncy at first but as more sand is fitted, it will deaden the bounce.

The lines are only temporary, the stitch-in lines will be fitted over the summer period ready for next season.

We are still working away on the Stone inscriptions (hopefully we get all of the spelling correct!)

The goal posts are back on the new pitch, believe it or not these were used on the grass pitch years ago, they’ve been renovated to suit.

At long last we’re back on home ground.

Pitch Access and Pitch Lights:

When switching the lights on remember that there is a time delay on some of the poles, otherwise Kilcock and Maynooth would run out of ESB power while they start up. Also, once you turn them off, they won’t turn back on for about 10 minutes due to the cool down period. Responsibility for the key to the lights and pitch will be dished out soon to the relevant parties, in the mean time Brendan O’ Grady (FAS) is in charge of access to the pitch and lights being switched on, this will probably remain like this for the foreseeable future.


Fergal O Malley



SAND……..Let’s hope it rains now!

The sand is being fitted at present, two layers have been fitted and more to go on.

The contractor has come up with an alternative plan to fit the sand by washing it into the “carpet pile”.

Believe it or not, we now need lots of rain.

As well as rain, the contractor will irrigate the pitch to wash the sand down.

Big change from waiting for the good weather!

The plan is then to allow play on the pitch and, for us, the members, to vet the surface in terms of “play quality”.

As we play on it more, we will then need to determine how much more sand it requires.

Landscaping is being worked on too, the new car-park, the perimeter of the pitch etc.

The fencing will be completed by end of next week.

Unfortunately we will need to wait for good weather to complete the landscaping, ie. planting grass to complete the junior rugby pitch at the road.

The slabs with the inscriptions are being manufactured at present and should be fitted over the next couple of weeks.


As you are all aware, the completion of the Astro is delayed slightly.

We are waiting for a 5 day window of good weather, we need 3 days of good drying and 2 days to “sand” the pitch.

All materials are on site ready to go and the specialist machinery on “stand by”.

The lights are completed and just need to be commissioned by the electrician.

The new lights will give 350 lux of light and the rugby lads will get some extra lights for training too (some of the old hockey lights)

The general surroundings are nearly complete, but again we need some good weather to finish off.

Fencing is nearly finished too, just the panel above the “Sponsor Wall” and then the gates and kicker board.

The Limestone slabs with the names engraved are all on order and will be fitted as soon as they are delivered.

Let’s hope the weather gets better soon!

Bring on the ASTRO!’ll be a nice Christmas pressie!


Astro Turf is being laid at present.

Lights are being completed, including additional lighting for the Rubgy training fields and old grit areas for parking.

Fencing due to be finished at the end of next week.

External landscaping due to be completed at the end of next week.

We should be playing on it to test the pitch in the next 10 days.

We need to check out the bounce, the play, the lie etc. and determine if more sand needs to be fitted.

Lines then need to be cut in and final layer of sand fitted.



Shock-pad being laid at present.

Due to be completed this evening,  Monday 12th of October.

Carpet laying commencing 13.10.09.


The carpet has arrived.

The lights are being fitted at present.

The shockpad is being laid over the next couple of days and the carpet will begin to get fitted on Monday.

 An initial layer of ballast sand (white sand) will be fitted to prevent the carpet lifting during construction and then it will be filled to the required level after the lines etc. are cut in.

 The carpet is sand dressed, so you actually won’t see much of the sand as it is hidden under the carpet piles and acts as a support for the piles.

Once the carpet is laid the fencing will be completed along with the landscaping.

There will be sponsorship signage space available along the spectator fence and on the squash courts end wall for anyone interested.

The old goalposts were renovated by Kieran O’ Malley and his lads, they are back to mint condition ready for their new home.

 Limestone slabs for sponsor wall are being organized, ensure you get your details to go on them back to Nick.

 By the time we are finished our new ASTRO The North Kildare Club will also have an additional 100 no. parking spaces on the old grit pitch and approach road.

 Btw, if you know of any club that wants to rent our new pitch, let Nick know, we are running out of slots and it is first come first served, it will help pay back all the loans and keep it maintained. There is a lot of interested clubs in the area and I’m sure there will be more making enquiries when they hear about how fab it is to play on! Put the word out.

Thanks for all your support

Fergal O Malley

Click here for more photos of the new Astro being built!